Hublot Replica Big Bang Soul series moon phase watch

As a charming and poetic planet, since ancient times, the month and its profit and loss caused by numerous astronomers indulge in it, it affects the tidal effect, climate stability and the lives of many biological and plant laws, and people have a close relationship between the gods. The moon phase on the dial above, so that the wearer in the bow when the observation time can also see the whole picture of the moon at this time, do not have some fun. Because of this, many watch lovers are also on the moon show a soft spot. While the Swiss watchmaking brand in the year 2017 launched four unique and bright and luxurious moon phase table, it is refreshing. Recently, we heard Hublot brand this year’s new products have been to the store, we will take this to visit the Beijing Oriental Xintiandi Hublot replica stores, in many new products, we saw the four Hublot Big Bang soul series moon phase watch , To blue models, for example, the following, take a look at:

This year’s Hublot, not only in the hourly production up and down enough effort, but also in the appearance of new products on the design of a lot of effort. Like Big Bang One Click “independent Italian” watch, classic fusion time “independent Italy” watch, Big Bang Unico sapphire luxury replica watches and Hublot Big Bang soul series moon phase watch and other new products are injected into the charm of color, making Timepieces in the showcase the latest brand of outstanding technology when the era of more aesthetic atmosphere, for the watch lovers brought a refreshing viewing experience.

The brand will be blue, purple, orange and pink into the new Big Bang soul moon phase watch. With the same color strap, quartz dial, sandblasted moon disc, pointer, time reading and gem inlaid bezel, for this monochrome cheap replica watches series to create a lifelike visual tone. And satin brushed handle, polished titanium alloy barrel-shaped case perfect fusion, showing a new era of extraordinary charm. Retains the brand exclusive bezel on the six “H” -shaped screws and fixed strap device, giving the watch full brand recognition.

Monochrome style extends to every detail: translucent sandblasted dial shows two rounds of alternating moon patterns, the moon pattern to cover the corresponding tone. The distinctive colors make the charming moon phase change even more compelling. Moon phase disk running at 6 o’clock position, every two lunar month to complete a cycle. It is noteworthy that, through the dial, you can see the movement and the operation of the calendar device, do not have some fun. Dimensional time scale and hollow hour hand and the second hand are covered with luminous part, even in the dark environment can also observe the time and the function, very convenient.

The same color short crocodile skin lined with black natural rubber strap

Engraved brand LOGO steel folding buckle

Blue, purple, orange and pink Big Bang soul moon phase watch
Summary: Like this year’s Big Bang soul series all black watch, moon phase watch also has four colors to choose from, if the store happens to be no can also be scheduled. In addition, we see the 2017 table show new classic integration timing Berluti watch and 2016 Ferrari cooperation models are also rack sales, if the recent purchase plan, may wish to Yu Yu store selection, take a look.

Hublot Big Bang soul all black luxury replica watches

Earlier this year, the Swiss senior watch brand Hublot Replica on the release of four with a warm and rich colors of new products. On behalf of the brand launched a “color splicing” concept of the watch series, with lively color mix to break through the routine. Will be hot red, unrestrained orange, brilliant yellow or vigorous green and mechanical sense of the full black watch ride, bringing a refreshing watch style on the breakthrough design style. Recently, we visited the Beijing Oriental Xintiandi Hublot store, found that the four watches have been shelves sales. To warm and fashion technology to take the black, brought an unprecedented sensual enjoyment. Here, we come together to see:

The new product follows the Big Bang soul series “sandwich” structure barrel type case design, the “visible” and “invisible” dialectical philosophy fusion, elaborated the “black” concept of the intrinsic essence. With pure Big Bang logo elements – 6 stars H-type screws, in the highly ornamental at the same time fill the watch brand recognition. In addition, the brand will be the application of these four bright colors in the strap, Hublot watches classic pointer, easy to read the scale, both the continuation of the Big Bang series and material fusion concept, and design sense and fresh full color into Luxury Replica Watches, which brought another style of Big Bang soul all black watch.

Using micro-blasting black PDV coated black ceramic case, micro-blasting PVD coated titanium crown, covered with black overpressure rubber, engraved Hublot “H” LOGO pattern, the operation feel good. Both sides of the same material button, and the crown into a whole operation, full of mechanical sense. From the side can clearly see the Hublot “sandwich” type case design structure, the details of the deal is in place, refined and beautiful.

Micro-blasting black ceramic hollow dial, paint pointer, 3 minutes at the time of the minutes of the time disk, 6 times the standard hour plate and 9 seconds at the time of the second and 4:30 position of the date display window, Are covered with the same color, showing the overall consistency of the watch color.

Equipped with HUB4700 automatic hollow timing movement, to the real force when El Primero as a basis for transformation to pure Hublot Replica Watches technology appearance.

Performance, excellent travel time, with high vibration frequency characteristics and 50 hours power reserve.

Coated black PVD coated titanium metal folding clasp

Orange crocodile leather strap lined with black natural rubber strap

Yellow models show
Summary: four colors of the cheap replica watches can be purchased in the store, if the goods can also be scheduled. In addition, we also see the 2016 Hublot Ferrari cooperation models and most of the 2017 brand exhibition on the new products.